Hi! My name is Amanda Rupp and I am a Life, Health, and Holistic Wellness Coach. I help people create lasting transformational change in their health and wellness through personalized coaching. I focus on a holistic approach that addresses the whole person by looking at how different elements are interconnected. My goal is to help you create a healthy lifestyle that you love to wake up to everyday!



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What were you struggling with before you started 1:1 coaching with me?

Feeling anxious about leaving my previous career and feeling lost about where I wanted to go next. I was concerned that my anxieties would follow me into my next professional role.

What has improved or changed for you?

feel more settled in my decision to leave my previous career. I’m more confident in my ability to create boundaries for myself between work and life. I feel that I am better able to use different strategies to keep an overall positive mindset.

What breakthroughs did you experience?

Talking about and exploring my core values helped me understand my motivations better and that helped me to feel more confident in the decisions that I make.

How do you feel now?

More confident and, overall, more positive in my mindset.

What was most helpful about my program for you?

Giving me a variety of strategies to try...if a particular strategy or approach wasn’t quite right for me, Amanda listened to my feedback and made alternate suggestions. It was helpful to have Amanda guide me to finding strategies that worked for me.

Who do you think would most benefit from this program?

Anyone who wants clarity in their values/goals. Anyone who is looking for practical ways to practice having a healthy positive mindset.

Testimonial from Jennifer S.

I started working with Amanda in the spring of 2022 when I had just taken a medical LOA for mental health. It’s been a hard few years, on everyone! I was back to work following my second maternity leave and was struggling a lot to say the least. I had returned to a new position in a new location and had many many speed bumps in our family life to boot! At the point of working with Amanda I was struggling to complete basic self care: eating regularly, drinking water, showering and brushing my teeth. Amanda was AMAZING! She worked with me where I was at without judgement. She helped me to see strategies, make a plan and create baby steps to work towards my goals so I would feel successes along the way. This was exactly what I needed! Amanda helped me to see my successes as small as they might have been at times and helped me to use those to build and fall up! So much has changed for me! I have begun to prioritize my self care, I no longer struggle with just the basics but have managed to move towards a more wholistic approach to my wellness. I am learning my own personal worth and voice. When working with Amanda I loved the assessments that she would conduct with me in order to guide me into realizing my priorities, potential and goals for improvement. These assessments would often lead to aha moments that were pivotal in my journey! I feel that anyone looking to have a personable experience where a coach works with you where you are at in order to support you in narrowing down your focus and understanding where your true priorities lie in order to guide personal growth in a variety of areas of life would highly benefit from this program and working with Amanda!

Testimonial from Christie S.


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