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So many people struggle with eating healthy. My own nutrition journey started almost 30 years ago when I first started to control what and how I ate (read more about it on my blog), but the older I get, the more tuned in I have become with my eating. It will continue to evolve as I go through different stages, but I have learned how to nourish my body so it gets what it needs and I have the energy to go about my day. I feel healthier and happier with my body, I am excited about meal planning and cooking (two things I used to avoid as much as possible), and I am continuing to learn, grow, and thrive with my nutrition.

Wellness 360 sees food as one piece of the puzzle; sometimes other pieces (our career, our relationships, our mindset) affect how we feel and act around food. Sometimes those connections are glaringly obvious, but if you’ve been struggling with food issues for a while, a wellness coach can help clarify why. Wellness 360 isn’t prescriptive and doesn’t promote dieting or restricting food choices. It focuses more on eating whole foods most of the time; experimenting with what works for you; and exploring how food is connected to other wellness areas.

If you read my story and recognize parts of your story in mine, or if you’re intrigued by a simpler way to feel better about yourself and what you eat, check out my Wellness 360 coaching programs, schedule a free Discovery Call, or send me an email for more information. I would be happy to guide you on your wellness journey!

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