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Wellness 360™

Intensive Coaching Program

Ready for a total mind-body-wellness makeover? If you know you want personal support to reach your goals and you’re ready to take a deep dive, Wellness 360™ Intensive is my flagship coaching program where you’ll receive ongoing, personal support over 3 months. Working together in Wellness 360™ Intensive, you’ll experience the 5 steps of Wellness 360™ in-depth with customized support and tons of personal access to me as you journey throughout your program.

The Five Core Steps of Wellness 360™ Intensive

Step 1:

Wellness 360™ Essentials

How to make simple lifestyle changes to jumpstart your health and feel your very best everyday

In this step, you’ll learn the basics of Wellness 360™ so you can quickly go from where you are now to where you want to be.

From breakthrough goal setting to solving common health challenges, you’ll make simple lifestyle changes that will have lasting results. Get ready to start feeling energized and living your very best life.

You will receive your Wellness 360™ Essentials Starter Kit including:

  • The Wellness 360 Quiz

    Determine your Wellness 360 Score and how to reach your health goals

  • The Wellness 360 Wheel

    Learn how to create a holistic lifestyle that supports you without struggle or overwhelm

  • Wellness 360 Discovery

    Uncover what’s holding you back from living the healthy life you desire and learn the steps to get to where you want to be

Step 2:

Wellness 360™ Nutrition

How to transform food confusion and information overwhelm into a healthy eating relationship for life

In this step, you’ll learn the fundamentals of holistic nutrition so that you can finally answer the question “What should I really eat everyday?”

You’ll learn to overcome cravings, solve food sensitivities, develop healthy cooking skills, understand supplementation, and develop an energized eating plan that works for your lifestyle.

You will receive the Wellness 360™ Healthy Eating Guide including:

  • The Wellness 360 Food Journal

  • Easy Label Reading Cheat Sheets

  • Meal Prep & Cooking for Busy People

  • Top tips for healthy eating on the go

  • And much more

Step 3:

Wellness 360™ Body

How to work with your body rather than against it

You’ll learn your own body constitution and what works for your unique body type, including fitness and movement techniques that will give you lasting energy rather than deplete you.

You will receive the Wellness 360™ Body Blueprint including:

  • Your Body Type Assessment

    Discover your type and what works best for it

  • Your Unique Food & Move List

    How to eat, live, and move for your body type

  • How to stop making excuses and finally get moving

  • Simple tips for finding movement you love to do

  • Body Talk

  • 6 Steps to Transform Your Body

Step 4:

Wellness 360™ Mindset

How to take charge of your life through the power of your mind

In this step you’ll learn powerful techniques that will help you to sustain all of the new habits you are forming.

Your mind is an essential part of your health and you’ll learn how to master your mindset to achieve your goals.

You will receive the Wellness 360™ Mindset Manual including:

  • Powerful practices to keep you centered and energized everyday

  • The top 3 wellness mindsets and how to shift yours to live empowered

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Made Easy

Step 5:

Wellness 360™ Lifestyle

How to create balance in all areas of your life without struggle or deprivation

In this step, you’ll discover the secrets that the healthiest people practice to create a holistic, energetic, fulfilling lifestyle.

You’ll learn the keys to creating balance and reducing stress in all areas of your life, including Relationships, Finances, Career, and more.

You will receive the Wellness 360™ Lifestyle Blueprint including:

  • The Wellness 360 Roadmap

    Three steps to creating your healthy, holistic lifestyle

  • The Balance Booster

    How to overcome being busy, reduce stress, and live with purpose

  • Time Management Tracker

    18 top tips for staying on track with your new lifestyle

Are you ready to transform your mind, body, and overall wellness?

If you're seeking personalized support and a deep dive into your wellness journey,

then look no further than Wellness 360™ Intensive -

my flagship coaching program designed to provide ongoing support over three months.

Throughout the program, we'll work closely together to explore the 5 steps of Wellness 360™ in-depth,

with customized support tailored to your unique needs.

Plus, you'll have plenty of personal access to me throughout the program,

ensuring that you have the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals.

Whether you're looking to improve your physical health,

mental well-being, or overall quality of life,

the Wellness 360™ Intensive program is the perfect solution.

You'll receive guidance and support to help you achieve your personal and professional goals,

improve your overall well-being, and build the life you desire.

So why wait?

Sign up today for $997 and start your journey towards total mind-body

wellness with professional guidance and support.

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